Sandal SPA & Novotel

Hey, you're in Bucharest and need a great relaxation session? We are located in Novotel Hotel at Calea Victoriei 37B Sector 1.

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Sandal SPA' Rituals

We strongly recommend you to try our Rituals for a great deep relaxation session.

* Honey Touch ritual

This relaxation massage has an intense detoxifying effect and revive the entire body.

Duration: 80 minutes
Price from 62€

* Honey Touch Ritual

* Marocan Gold Ritual

* Marocan Gold ritual

Powerful cleaning properties of clay Rhassoul were discovered long before the discovery of the soap. This treatment is a natural and very effective way to lose centimeters, detoxification, toning, cleaning and acts effectively against cellulite and stretch marks.

Duration: 120 minutes
Price from 79€

* Sensorial Chocolate ritual

A delicious chocolate scrub is the efficient way to cleanse and soften the skin. The procedure is followed by a chocolate packaging which will induce a state of calm and relaxation.

Duration: 120 minutes
Price from 79€

* Sensorial Chocolate Ritual

* Soft Skin Ritual

* Soft Skin ritual

Revigorate your skin with this great ritual.

Duration: 90 minutes
Price from 68€

* Beauty In One Day ritual

This Day Spa ritual will induce you a state of relaxation and calm, the perfect thing that you need at the final of the day. To make the experience complete, you will be served with chocolate and a glass of wine!

Duration: 120 minutes
Price from 89€

* Beauty In One Day Ritual